Everything You Need to Know About ‘After,’ the Movie Based on Harry Styles Fan Fiction

Trust me. After about 80 chapters, the story was becoming wildly popular. In , it had already racked up more than a billion reads. Long story short, After became a five-book series that is now a major motion picture. Here is everything you need to know about the series. Tessa, a Washington State University freshman, falls in love with Hardin, and the two end up in a tumultuous relationship.

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Dark Harry. Chapter 3. Harry Styles. One Direction Imagines.

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Harry Styles opens up about his sexuality as One Direction pose for new cover shoot

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Luckily, Anna Todd’s One Direction fanfic-turned-real-book-series is Wattpad about a girl named Tessa who falls in love with a punk Harry.

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Dating harry styles larry stylinson wattpad

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If you’re either a Directioner, a fan of Harry Styles or, more likely, both, you’ve probably heard that the new film After, out April 12, originated as fan fiction about the the British boy bander. The film adaptation is hitting theaters about six years after Anna Todd, then a student, started posting a story about a romance between a fictional girl named Tessa Young and Harry Styles on the free fanfiction site Wattpad.

The leading male character’s name was changed to Hardin Scott when the story and its sequels were published as novels, and so it remains in the After movie. So what does the real Harry Styles think of After? The “Sign of the Times” singer hasn’t commented on either the books or the new film, so it seems that he’s keeping his distance.

Todd herself hasn’t met Harry Styles, though her Instagram confirms that she’s seen him perform, and she told the BBC last summer that she wants to meet him and his former bandmates “in an organic way. While it’s unclear if Sony did in fact commission fanfic for One Direction — there’s no proof of this easily found online — it’s plausible that the band quietly supported the Wattpad story when it came out in After all, it’s a way for fans to connect, share stories, and grow their fandom.

Bustle reached out to Sony Music for comment but has not received a response as of publication. After initially came out chapter by chapter, engrossing readers who have left over six million comments on the work, according to The New York Times. While the story of Tessa Young Josephine Langford and Hardin Hero Fiennes Tiffin is an undeniable hit — Todd has now published five books in the After series — not all fans of Styles and One Direction have completely embraced the story that imagines the pop sensation as an aggressive “bad boy” Tessa meets at college.

One offended fan even created a petition at Change. The petition and many other complaints about After don’t necessarily all stem from Styles fans’ outrage that the story tarnishes the celebrity idol’s image, but also due to the context of the story, which many say contributes to rape culture.

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Read First Date from the story Larry One-Shots by crazydreamsx (S) with Larry One-Shots. Fanfiction. Fluff, fluff, fluff, a sprinkle of angst, and more fluff with When Harry Styles had moved in to the flat next to his two years ago, they.

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August 8 is International Female Orgasm Day, and we’re celebrating with an entire week dedicated to exploring the business and pleasure of porn. Isa, a fanfiction writer who preferred not to share their last name, began writing smut last fall “partly as a sort of rebellious thing against the whole conservative Midwest upbringing. Their first fic was a oneshot, or a standalone story. Because it ended up “getting some attention” on Archive of Our Own, an online archive for sharing fan art and fanfiction, Isa expanded it into a “really ridiculous longfic that tried to balance a lot of serious plot and emotions with porn.

This woman wrote One Direction fanfic on her phone and ended up with Direction’s Harry Styles as a bad boy college student with a girlfriend.

Subscriber Account active since. Anna Todd, author of the “After” series. But it did. Paramount even recently purchased the rights to turn ” After ” into a movie. Todd’s fanfic success story is far from a fluke. Publishing houses and movie studios are increasingly looking online for fresh stories that have a built-in fan base. As writer E. So how’d she do it? She’d married her high school boyfriend at 18 and moved to Texas to follow his Army career.

Wattpad cover art for “After. And yes, its sex scenes are just as bodice-ripping as those found in any romance novel. Often, she’d write while standing in line at Target or the grocery store. She dedicated five hours a day to writing “After” and another three hours to promoting it within Wattpad and on social media. Soon, it turned into a chapter, one-million-word juggernaut that was rapidly attracting a fan base in the hundreds of thousands.

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